Budget Flashes with Plenty of Power: Video Review by Ett Venter

See Ett Venter’s video review of CameraStuff’s Yongnuo YN660 Flash & YN560-TX Trigger

The YN660 is Yongnuo’s latest manual-only flash and the upgraded version of the popular YN560-III and YN560-IV models. Manual-only flashes feature no TTL or HSS settings whatsoever. The flash settings (like flash intensity & zoom) need to be adjusted on the flash itself.  Having no automatic modes may seem like a bit of a schlep, but manual-only flashes are quite inexpensive. They sacrifice all of the auto settings in favour of costs, power, quick recycle time and durability. For many photographers, that is all they need.


The Yongnuo YN660 Control Panel

The Yongnuo YN660 Manual Speedlight



Comparing the YN660 with the YN560-IV and YN560-III flashes:

  • Wider zoom range: The zoom starts at 20mm and extends all the way to 200mm. The previous generation flashes only extended to 105mm and started at 24mm.
  • Higher Guide Number (GN66): The YN660 is a slightly brighter than the YN560 generation flashes.
  • Improved ergonomics: The new YN660 features a totally revamped button layout and menu dial.
  • The YN660 can swivel 180 degrees in both directions.
  • Improved hot shoe locking mechanism


An amazing feature that the Yongnuo YN560-series and YN660 flashes share is direct communication (no receivers necessary) with Yongnuo triggers, such as the RF-602, RF-603-I/II, RF-605 flash triggers and YN560-TX Flash Controller. The YN560-TX, in particular, makes off-camera flash a lot easier because you can use it to remotely adjust your flash settings (like power, zoom, and groups) directly from the flash controller itself.  You don’t have to run to each of your flashes every time you have to change their settings. You can do it all from one standing position.



The Yongnuo YN560-TX Flash Controller and YN660 Flash

The Yongnuo YN560-TX Flash Controller and Yongnuo YN660 Speedlight


Did you know: At CameraStuff, if you buy both the Flash Controller and Flash, then you’ll save 15% of the total.

The Yongnuo YN560-TX has an operating range of about 100m and can trigger multiple Yongnuo YN560III/IV and YN660 flashes. Not only that, but you can independently adjust the settings of each flash (via the grouping feature).  So, if you want complete control of your entire off-camera flash setup, then the Yongnuo YN560-TX Flash Controller will grant you absolute ease-of-use and convenience.

Please note that the YN560-TX Flash Controller is only compatible with Yongnuo YN560-III, YN560-IV, and YN660 flashes. This is not good news if you already have other flashes. However, if you’re interested in a new system that’s both cost-effective and durable, then the YN560-flash system is indeed a worthy consideration.

Behind the Scenes and Result - By Ett Venter

Behind the Scenes and Result – By Ett Venter


Video review by Ett Venter | Written Review by CameraStuff

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