“Great flash, great price!” – Godox V860II and V850II Speedlight Reviews

Godox V860II TTL and V850II Manual Speedlight Reviews




The use of speedlights has become more and more popular nowadays with the advent of strobism (off-camera flash). However, there have always been a few shortcomings:  The hassle of using AA batteries, short battery-life and slow recycle times.  Godox has solved those issues with their “Ving” range of flashes!  Unlike most other flashes, the Ving-series use lithium-ion batteries as opposed to AA batteries — giving you long battery use and a quicker recycle time.  On top of that, the Godox range of “Ving” flashes are exceptionally well-built, feature-packed and powerful.  If you need the best of what’s currently available on the market at a great price, then CameraStuff’s range of Godox flashes will definitely interest you!




Main Features:

  • Well built, durable Flash
  • Li-ion battery powered (650 full-powered shots vs. 200)
  • Godox X-system built-in
  • Powerful GN60 flash output and 20~200mm zoom range
  • High-Speed Sync (both V850II and V860II models)
  • Off-camera master and slave modes


What is so awesome about it?


Lithium-Ion Battery

The biggest selling point of the Ving-series flashes is the use of a lithium-ion battery. A Li-ion is far more efficient than that of traditional AA batteries. Not only can you squeeze more flash bursts out of it, but you also get a faster recycle time, too (see comparison below). Furthermore, using Li-ion batteries, as opposed to AA batteries, means that you have less stuff to worry about. Charging and managing your batteries prior to a photo shoot will be less of a hassle than before.



Removing the Li-ion Battery




Battery and Charger Included

A great thing about these flashes is that they include the battery and charger. If you had to buy a different flash then you’d still need to get the batteries and chargers with it. Quality AA batteries, such an Eneloop Pro AAs, can cost around R800~R900 for an 8-pack and an 8-bay AA battery charger around R1,000. So, you save about R1,800 in the long run with a Godox Ving speedlight. Not bad at all!

Get the charger and battery with every Godox Ving flash purchase


Compatible with Godox X-System

The “Godox X-System” refers to Godox’s new flash and trigger eco-system.  Many of the latest Godox flashes and strobes, such as the Ving-flashes, AD200, AD600 etc., are now directly compatible with some of their flash triggers ex. the Godox X1T Flash Trigger and Godox XPro Flash Trigger.  No extra receivers or things necessary — the flashes have them built-in. This means that one transmitter can be used to trigger multiple different Godox strobes and flashes — saving you money and complications in the long run.  Godox triggers are sold separately.

Wireless Flash Control

With either the Godox X-Pro or X1T, you can remotely control the flash settings (power, zoom, grouping, modes etc.) of your flashes/strobes.  This gives you a massive advantage in the field and complete control of your off-camera flash set up. You don’t have to run to your flashes to change their settings — everything can be done from one standing position.   Please note, a flash trigger is not included but can be bought at CameraStuff.


Using the Godox X-Pro Trigger to adjust the flash settings



Plenty of Flash Modes

The Godox V860II features a variety of flash modes, both on-camera and off-camera, giving you absolute control over how you want to use your flash. The flash includes features such as TTL, HSS (high-speed sync), Manual and Multi (Strobostic) modes.  In addition, you can also use the V860II as a Master or Slave flash in Wireless Optical TTL  with your camera.



Powerful Flash Output and Quick Recycle Time

The Godox Ving flashes feature plenty of flash power. With a GN (guide number) of 60, they are well on-par with the industry-leading flashes. However, the Godox Ving flashes, with their lithium-ion powered batteries, can achieve far better recycle times (up to 1.5 seconds on full power). With other flashes, you need an external battery pack (costing at least an extra R1,100) to achieve the same recycle time.


Well Built and Durable Design

As accustomed to the Godox brand, the Ving flashes are exceptionally well-built.  The build quality is definitely on-par with the Canon and Nikon etc. OEM flashes.  If you’re looking for something future-proof, in regards to quality and features, then the Godox Ving flashes are definitely worth the investment. Remember, at CameraStuff you got a 60-day money back guarantee and a full year’s warranty on all products.

Using the V850-II off-camera


The differences between the Godox V850II and V860II?

Not much, except that the Godox V850II is a dedicated manual flash. It has no TTL (auto) features whatsoever.  So, if you prefer shooting your flashes in manual mode, then the cheaper Godox V850II would be the better buy.  The Godox V860II, however, is fully-packed with flash features, including TTL (on-camera and wireless). If you want all of the options on how you want to trigger the flash, then the V860II will be the better investment.


What don’t I like?

One thing I have against the use of a Li-ion battery is that you can’t buy any at a garage shop or any general store. So, if Murphy’s Law will have it, if you forget your batteries, or if you run out of charge, then you can’t easily buy any extra batteries at your local shop. I think this is where AA batteries have an advantage. It’s simple enough to buy some extra ones for when you desperately need some. However, extra Li-Ion batteries can be bought at CameraStuff. The Ving Flashes are a bit bulky — something I don’t personally mind at all. However, if you’re using a compact camera, such as a Fuji camera, then a Ving flash may feel a bit unbalanced.


In Summary

In short: Great flash, great price! You get everything you need to get started: The flash, charger and battery.  The flashes are well-made, tough and will last a great while.  Not only that, but the flashes are directly compatible with the Godox X-system, making off-camera flash triggering a lot more convenient and less complicated. If you need something that is future-proof, in regards to technology and durability, then the Ving flashes will prove to be great additions to your current kit!