Review of CameraStuff’s Range of Folding Beauty Dishes – “Taking your on-location lighting to the next level”

Review by Emmyboy Ojo Aromokund

“Hylow Folding Beauty Dishes are wonderful light manipulators with plenty of advantages. They’re extremely lightweight, very mobile and easy to set up. They produce a big spread of soft light that works exceptionally well for portraits. If you are an up ‘n coming photographer that does plenty of on-location photography then you won’t regret buying Hylow’s Folding Beauty Dishes from CameraStuff.”


Result photos using a Hylow Folding Beauty Dish


Features at a glance:

  • Lightweight
  • Very mobile
  • Quick easy setup
  • Compatible use for both flashes and strobes
  • Produces a big and soft light
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Soft cover can be used to diffuse the light

What I like about the Beauty Dish:

“Before shooting with the Hylow Folding Beauty Dish I always used a standard studio softbox that often didn’t diffuse the light well enough for me. Such softboxes also take too long to set up and sometimes needed two people to do so.  The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish was a big game changer for me in that regard. Setting up was quick and easy.  I can now trust myself to do a complete shoot without asking anyone to assist.”

“The beauty dish also produces a big and soft light – especially with the soft cover on. I get good results straight away and I don’t need to spend too much time with my editing. The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish definitely changed everything about my photography in regards to the time setting up and the quality of my images.”

The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish was very helpful here mainly because of the 70cm wideness.
It was big enough to produce a soft light for both my model and her dress at the same time.


First impression:

“The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish was safely packaged in its sleeve bag which can also be used to carry it around with no extra weight added.  The internal support for the material (ribs and clipping mechanisms) is made of fibreglass but everything else (speedring adapter, speedring bracket, reflector disc, nuts & bolts) is made of steel. The speedring adapter is interchangeable. So, if you’re using different lighting systems (Elinchrom, Bowens and Profoto etc.) you can just simply swap the speedring at the back to make it fit.  Overall, the product feels very well made and I’m confident in saying that it will last a long time — even with rigorous use. It’s definitely is a worthy investment for anyone who often shoots on-location.”

Setting up:

“The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish has a folding design that makes it both compact to travel with and easy to set up. The beauty dish material unfurls like an umbrella and the individual clipping mechanisms lock the beauty dish in shape. The soft cover can be attached to the front of the beauty dish using a few Velcro strips. The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish can be mounted directly onto a compatible strobe or it can be used with a speedlight. You would just need the right type of bracket for it — like the Hylow Folding Beauty Dish

The Negatives:

“The Hylow Folding Beauty Dish is very lightweight which makes it very a bit vulnerable to the wind. The risks increases, even more, when you use it with the soft cover.  I suppose these same problems exist with just about any other light modifier as well. I’d recommend using sandbags or sturdier light stands if you plan on shooting outside. Also, the bolts and nuts of the reflector disc get a bit loose with time and might fall off if you don’t remember to tighten it.”


Who is this product for?

“I definitely will recommend this to every photographer possible especially to portrait and wedding photographers. If you are travelling photographer who moves around a lot, shooting outdoors or indoors, then this is the best solution to your problem. The dish is a lot quicker to set up than traditional softboxes and the quality of light is amazing. It will take you to the next level.”

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Review by Emmyboy Ojo Aromokund