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    [10892] Hylow 300w/s Professional Studio Strobe with Bowens Mount (Studio Light) (XZ-300a)

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    Hylow's range of professional studio strobes are durable & high powered workhorses. They feature internal cooling systems and the popular Bowens speedring mount. These lights are made to last and a worthy investment for your studio. CameraStuff also stocks the replaceable modelling lamps and flash tubes, as well as many compatible lighting modifiers (such as softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, barn doors etc.).  If you want tough & long-lasting strobes at budget costs, then CameraStuff's Hylow strobes will prove to be excellent additions to your studio. 

    The Hylow XZ-300 and XZ-400 both feature built-in radio receivers that are directly compatible with the Hylow 2.4GHz flash trigger

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    We've been very happy with Hylow's strobes for many years now. They are among CameraStuff's best sellers and our clients love them for their reliability and no-nonsense nature. They feature the popular Bowens accessory mount which means that you won't struggle to find different lighting accessories. CameraStuff also sells a huge variety of lighting accessories -- making it easy for you to get the exact type of lighting qualities you need. We also stock spare modelling lamps and flash tubes. These parts are easy to replace and don't require in soldering at all. The new flash tube can simply be pushed into place after you pulled the old one out. 

    Main Features

    • Built-in 2.4Ghz receiver (compatible with Hylow Transmitter)
    • Internal cooling fan
    • Durable steel body
    • Adjustable output settings (stepless, 1/32nd to full power) 
    • Replaceable modelling lamp and flash tube (push-in, no soldering required)
    • Bowens mount
    • Optical slave (photocell receiver) 
    • Recycle beep indicator
    • Guide number: GN65
    • Modelling lamp settings (proportional, off, full)
    Tecs and Specs
    • Model number - XZ-300A
    • Power - 300w/s
    • Guide number - GN65
    • Flash duration - 1/700-1/1700th/sec.
    • Internal cooling fan - Yes.
    • Flash control - 1/32nd to full power (3% to 100%)
    • Optical sensor - on/off modes
    • PC sync capabilities - 3.5mm jack socket
    • Test button
    • Refresh rate - 0.4 to 2.5 seconds
    • Audible refresh indicator - on/off modes
    • Mount type - Bowens (S-type)
    • Universal umbrella hole
    • Halogen Modelling Lamp - on/off/proportional
    • Modelling Lamp - 150w
    • Colour temperature -  5500K +/- 200K
    • Tilting lever
    • Weight - 2.9kg


    Package Includes:

    • Strobe unit
    • Power cord
    • Protective cap
    • Modelling lamp
    • Flash tube
    • 180mm reflector dish

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Price R3,499.99


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