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    [62213] Yongnuo YN560-TX 2.4GHz Flash Controller for Yongnuo YN560-III or YN660 Flashes

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    The YN560-TX is a device that is used to trigger and control external (off-camera) Yongnuo YN560-III or YN660 flashes. This flash trigger offers incredible control of your off-camera flashes! It can remotely adjust the power, zoom and grouping of a single or multiple Yongnuo flashes. A large backlit LCD and friendly-to-use interface allows you to quickly and easily change settings. The YN560-TX system is a must-have if you need for comprehensive and quick control of your off-camera flash set-up 

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    The YN560-TX is a device not only used to trigger compatible flashes off-camera, but to independently control the flash's power and zoom settings as well.  Even when a flash is positioned a 100m away from you, you can still remotely adjust the power of the flash. This is a vital function for off-camera flash users who need to quickly change their flash settings. 

    Please note:  This device is only compatible with certain flashes, such as the Yongnuo YN560-III, YN560-IV, YN660 and YN685 models. However, the YN560-TX can still trigger other flashes when mounted on a Yongnuo receiver (such as the RF-602, RF-603, RF-605 etc), but you won't be able to control the flash's power or zoom. 

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    Main Features:

    • Manual Flash Trigger (no TTL features)
    • Used to remotely adjust the power and zoom of compatible flashes
    • Large and easy to use user-interface
    • Operating Range: up to 100m
    • Can be used as a wireless shutter release (cables not included)
    • Backlit LCD
    • Flash Grouping (up to 6 Groups)
    • Directly compatible with Yongnuo YN560-III, YN560-IV and YN660 flashes
    • Cross-Compatible with older Yongnuo systems (such as RF-602, RF-603-I/II & RF-605)
    • Flash Wake-Up (Can wake up compatible flashes after they entered sleep mode)
    • Uses Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable AA Batteries
    • Maximum Sync Speed: 1/320th

    Practical Uses:

    • This device is used to trigger off-camera flashes remotely from your camera
    • It can be used to change the settings (power, zoom) of the flashes directly from the device itself
    • Using the flash grouping feature, you  independently change the settings of single or multiple speedlights at a time. 

    Tecs & Specs:

    • Triggering Modes: Manual Only (non-TTL)
    • Not High Speed Sync (HSS) compatible
    • Triggering Distance: up to 100m
    • Signal Type: 2.4GHz
    • Batteries: AA (rechargeable or non rechargeable)
    • Batteries not included
    • Flash Grouping: (Selectable Groups A, B, C, D, E and F) 
    • Shutter Release Compatible: Yes (2.5mm monoplug) (cables not included) 




    • Yongnuo YN560-III
    • Yongnuo YN560-IV
    • Yongnuo YN660
    • Yongnuo YN685

    Radio Receivers: 

    • Yongnuo RF-602
    • Yongnuo RF-603
    • Yongnuo RF-603-II
    • Yongnuo RF-605
    • Yongnuo YN-622-II

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Transmitter Flash Controller
    • Manual 

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    Additional Info

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