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    [92442] Yongnuo YN560-III Manual Flash/Speedlight - GN58 (non-TTL)

    The Yongnuo YN560-III is an inexpensive but powerful manually-operated flash. It features plenty of light output and a fast recycle time. The YN560-III is one of CameraStuff's best sellers and has proven to be an amaziing investment thanks to its durability and easy-to-use nature. The YN560-III also features a built-in radio receiver that is directly compatible with Yongnuo radio flash triggers, such as the RF-602, RF-603-II, RF-605 and YN560-TX. This feature makes it a lot easier for photographers to create a studio or off-camera flash lighting set up. If you're a budding photographer or somebody seriously interested in off-camera flash, the Yongnuo YN560-III is highly recommended.  

    The YN560-III is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony (hot shoe adapter may be required), Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic etc. cameras. The flash can be used on any camera with a standard hot-shoe port

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    Flash Main Features:

    • Non-TTL: Manual Mode Only
    • Guide Number: 58(ISO100 @ 105mm Zoom)
    • Wide Power Range: 1/1 ~ 1/128th (29 levels of intensity, adjustable in full, 1/2 and 1/3rd stops)
    • Zoom Range: 24 ~ 105mm
    • Fast Recycle Time: 0.1 ~ 3 seconds (depending of flash intensity and battery charge) 
    • Integrated 2.4GHz Radio Receiver (directly compatible with Yongnuo RF-602, RF-603-II, RF-605 and YN560-TX)
    • Optical Slave Sensor (S1 and S2 pre-flash cancellation)
    • Rotating & Tilting Flash Head
    • Overheat Prevention Systems (Auto thermal cut-off switch & automatic slowing down of recycle time)
    • Compatible with External Battery Pack (Canon plug)
    • Large Backlit LCD Display

    Compare the Yongnuo YN660 with the YN560-III

    Flash Technology:

    • Manual Powered Flash

    The YN560-III  is completely manual flash. This means there are no TTL or automatic features included whatsoever. The flash output and zoom of the YN560-III  needs to be adjusted on the unit itself or via a Yongnuo YN560-TX flash controller (sold separately). By getting rid of the automatic features, the YN560-III  has a heavily reduced price in comparison to it TTL cousins. This leaves you with some extra cash to spend on other lighting accessories such as sofboxes, stands, brackets and umbrellas etc. A manual flash is perfect to use on static subjects: models, products, food, families, newborns etc. However, with moving objects you'd need to readjust the power everytime the subject moves away or closer to the flash. 

    • High Flash Output and Wide Power Range: 

    This flash features plenty of power and a wide range or power levels to choose from. Boasting an incredible guide number of GN66, the YN560-III can be used outdoors in broad daylight or in studio with large modifiers (softboxes, octoboxes, umbrellas etc.). This flash also has many levels of intensity (29 levels) which will allow you to fine-tune the exact amount of flash output you need. The power can be adjusted in full stops (double or half the amount of power) or in half or 1/3rd stops.  

    • Recycle Time and Overheat Protection:

    A flash's recycle time is the amount of time a flash needs to recharge its power. When a flash is set on a higher intensity the recycle time will be a bit slower. To reduce a flash's recycle time, simply set it on a lower flash intensity or use an external battery pack. Also, when the batteries start to die out the recycle time will be slowed down quite considerably. Old batteries tend to have a big effect on a flash's recycle time too. 

    This flash has a fast recycle time of about 3 seconds on full power (using a fresh set of batteries). You can shorten the recycle time to about 1.2 seconds (full power) by using an external battery pack such as the Canon CP-E4 Battery Pack or JJC FB-1 Battery Pack. When this flash is set to its lowest setting (1/125th) the recycle time is a near-instantaneous 0.2 seconds.

    There is a risk of the flash overheating when its triggered rapid succession on full power. Luckily Yongnuo flashes feature a couple of ways to reduce the risk of overheating your speedlite. Firstly, the Yongnuo flash will automatically slow down the recycle time to about 7-10 seconds when the flash gets too hot. If the flash is still overheating it will automatically shut down thanks to its thermal cut-off switch. If this happens, change the batteries and give the flash about 10-15 minutes to cool down. 

    • Wireless Connectivity and Control:

    This flash has multiple ways of being used off-camera. It can be triggered with the use of radio controlled triggers, a PC sync cable or by using one of its SLAVE modes. The YN560-II  features a built-in radio receiver which is directly compatible with Yongnuo's RF-602, RF-603, RF605 and YN560-TX flash systems (see how this works).

    The YN560-II  can be used with most types of radio-controlled flash triggers, but it works best Yongnuo's own systems -- especially in conjuction with the YN560-TX flash controller (sold separately). The YN560-TX is a wireless flash trigger that can also be used to wirelessly adjust the power and zoom settings of the YN560-III. Save 15% when you buy the flash and trigger together

    The YN560-III  also features an optical slave mode (S1 & S2 modes). In this mode the flash can be triggered using another flash. When set to S1 mode, the YN560-III  will use its sensor to detect flash pulses coming from other speedlites or on-camera flashes. In other words, when the YN560-III "sees" another flash firing it will simultaneously trigger itself too. This flash can also be used with any type of triggering device that implements PC (prontor compur) sync connectivity. On the side of the flash is a PC sync connector that uses a screw-in thread. A rubber-flap is used to protect the connector when not it use. 

    • Flash Zoom

    A flash with zooming capabilities will allows you to spread or concentrate the amount of light. This is a very useful flash feature in regards to the size of the light you want to create. This flash has selectable zoom settings that range from 24mm to 105mmmm. At 24mm, the light will have a very widespread and even effect. At 105mm, the light will have a very concentrated, contrasty and long-reaching effect. With the use of the wide-angle diffuser, the zoom of the flash will have an even wider dispersion of light. 

    Tecs & Specs

    Specifications of Yongnuo YN560-III:  Please note: N/A = Not Available
    Flash Modes  
    TTL N/A
    Manual Yes
    Multi (Strobostic) Yes (Selectable Number of Flashes and Frequency (Hz))
    Wireless Modes  
    TTL Master N/A
    TTL Optical Slave N/A
    Built-in Radio Receiver Yes - Yongnuo RF-602, RF-603, RF-605 & YN-560TX 
    Built-in Radio Transmitter N/A
    Manual Optical Slave Yes (S1 – Manual Optical / S2 – Pre-Flash Cancellation)
    Flash Output (Power)  
    Guide Number 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
    Flash Controls 8 Levels (1/128th to 1/1) & 29 Levels Fine-Tuning
    Flash Adjustments Full Stops, 1/2th Stops or 1/3rd Stops
    Auto Zoom N/A
    Zoom Range 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80 and105mm (18mm with wide-angle diffuser) 
    Type AA Batteries x 4
    External Battery Pack Socket Yes
    Recycle Time 3 seconds (on full power) ; 1.2 seconds (with battery pack)
    Longevity +/- 150 ~ 1,500 flashes (depends on flash output and battery type)
    Head Rotation  
    Horizontal Angles 0 ~ 270 degrees
    Vertical Angles -7 ~ 90 degrees
    High Speed Sync (HSS) N/A
    Flash Exposure Compensation N/A
    Flash Exposure Bracketing N/A
    Flash Exposure Value N/A
    Rear Curtain Sync N/A
    Modelling Flash N/A
    Auto Assist Beams N/A
    Sound Prompts Yes
    Overheat Warning Visual Warning, Thermal Cut-Off & Auto Recycle Slowdown
    Custom Functions Yes
    Colour Temperature 5,600K
    Flash Sync  
    Flash Speed 1/200s ~ 1/20,000s
    External Interface PC Sync (Metal Screw-in)
    Flash Add-Ons  
    Bounce Card Yes
    Wide-Angle Diffuser Yes
    Build & Dimensions  
    Dimensions 60×73×190mm
    Net Weight 350g
    Hot Shoe Type Metal ;  Turn-Style Locking Mechanism
    Body Type Plastic
    LCD Panel Yes
    Backlight Yes (Orange)
    Batteries Not Included
    Charger Not Included
    Pouch Included
    Foot Stand Included
    Manual Included
    Please note: N/A = Not Available

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Typical Backorder Leadtime When item is "OUT OF STOCK" - please contact us for ETA.
    Price R1,849.99


    Fantastic value and performanceReview by Ben
    So I must admit that I actually have the Mark IV of these but the differences are minimal so I'm pretty sure I can offer some insight here. I have two of the mark IV and they are a big part of every shoot I do. I never leave home without them. I used them very soon after buying them to shoot a wedding and I found them to be absolutely reliable. They did not miss a beat. I have a sigma flash that is now relegated to backup 90 percent of the time. The only reason I haven't gotten rid of it is that it has HSS and sometimes 3 lights is better than 2. The sigma is infuriating because it goes to sleep and doesn't wake up to fire. These go to sleep too but they wake up when they receive a signal from the trigger so you'd never notice. I can't say enough about how fantastic these speedlights are. Further to this these feel almost as well built as the Nikon SB900/910 that I've used fairly extensively (I don't own one but I shoot for some people who own a number of them). The ergonomics of these speedlights crush the sigma and in fact the nikon SB800 too (have used this a bunch too but never owned one). Seriously. If you don't need TTL and HSS (this is a problem sometimes its true this flash cannot be beaten for value and the performance is not lacking at all. Its hard to say but I'd say my batteries also last longer in these units than they do in the sigma flash that I have. Integration with the YN wireless triggers is flawless and so much better than my previous wireless triggers. Apologies to sigma for all the product bashing, its nothing personal I promise; love your lenses. (Posted on 5/11/17)

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