Studio Lighting & Backdrop Kits

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  1. [88366] Fluorescent 85w Single 70cm Floor Stand Lighting Kit

    From R730.97 Regular Price R859.97

    To R832.97 Regular Price R979.97

  2. [88365] Ring Light + Stand Bundle: Godox Pink 18-inch Bi-Colour LED 18w + Light Stand

    From R3,000.48 Regular Price R3,529.98

    To R3,042.98 Regular Price R3,579.98

  3. [88364] Ring Light + Stand Bundle: 18-inch Bi-Colour LED 100w + Light Stand

    From R2,575.48 Regular Price R3,029.98

    To R2,617.98 Regular Price R3,079.98

  4. [88363] Ring Light + Stand Bundle: 12-inch 5,500K LED 42w + Light Stand

    From R1,980.48 Regular Price R2,329.98

    To R2,022.98 Regular Price R2,379.98

  5. [88362] Ring Light + Stand Bundle: 8-inch 5,500K LED 24w + Light Stand

    From R1,470.48 Regular Price R1,729.98

    To R1,512.98 Regular Price R1,779.98

  6. [88361] Fluorescent 190w (2 x 85w) Single Umbrella Lighting Kit

    From R1,070.95 Regular Price R1,259.95

    To R1,138.95 Regular Price R1,339.95

  7. [88360] Fluorescent 340w (4 x 85w) Double Umbrella Lighting Kit

    From R2,141.90 Regular Price R2,519.90

    To R2,277.90 Regular Price R2,679.90

  8. [88359] Fluorescent 190w (2 x 85w) Double 50x70cm Softbox Lighting Kit

    From R1,733.94 Regular Price R2,039.94

    To R1,818.94 Regular Price R2,139.94

  9. [81149] Video Lighting Bundle: 1 x Yongnuo YN600L-II Bi-Colour 36w LED + Stand

    From R3,705.98 Regular Price R4,359.98

    To R3,841.97 Regular Price R4,519.97

  10. [81146] Video Lighting Bundle: 2 x Yongnuo YN600 AIR Bi-Colour 40w LEDs + Stands

    From R5,014.96 Regular Price R5,899.96

    To R5,286.94 Regular Price R6,219.94

  11. [80855] Fluorescent 180w (4 x 45w) Single 60x60cm Softbox Lighting Kit

    From R1,495.94 Regular Price R1,759.94

    To R1,844.44 Regular Price R2,169.94

  12. [81128] Godox Bundle: Double LED500 Video Lighting Kit

    From R7,666.96 Regular Price R9,019.96

    To R8,032.45 Regular Price R9,449.95

  13. [81127] Godox Bundle: Triple LED500 Video Lighting Kit

    From R11,500.44 Regular Price R13,529.94

    To R11,653.43 Regular Price R13,709.93

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Items 1-20 of 29

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