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    [42059] Haida 82mm PROII Multi-coated Neutral Density Filter ND3.0 (10-Stop Reduction) (HD2014)

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    Professional filter accessories from Haida.  An ND (neutral density) filter is designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera. Useful for slow shutter speeds or when you need to use open apertures in broad daylight. This Haida filter is engineered to reduce colour casting and image softness. This filter will reduce the light intake by 10 stops (1,000x). 

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    An ND filter is used to reduce the amount of light entering your camera. This allows you to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds than normally required. For example slowing down the movement of running water or to use wider apertures when a flash/strobe is used. Haida glass filters do no affect the colour and sharpness of an image which typically do happen with plastic filters. 


    • High-quality optical glass
    • Screw-in filter (size specific for different lenses)
    • Multi-coated layering (for extra transparency and less light reflections) 
    • Includes filter case
    • Double-threaded (filters can be stacked) 
    • Reduces light by 10 stops

    Practical uses:
    • Long exposures during daytime (ex. for moving clouds, milky waterfalls, misty water etc.) 
    • Using wide apertures (for shallow depth-of-field) in harsh sunlight 
    Examples of an ND filter in use:

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    Additional Info

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