[62214] Yongnuo YN622-TX Flash Controller for YN622 & YN685 Flash (for Canon or Nikon)


The very popular YN622 system is truly one of the most professional and easiest ways to do off-camera flash! This particular device is used to trigger and control compatible flashes off-camera. Its directly compatible with the Yongnuo YN622 system and YN685 flashes. The YN622-TX features an abundance of flash triggering modes such as TTL, Manual, Super Sync, HSS and more. Not only that, but the YN622 can remotely adjust the settings of off-camera flashes. The interface is easy to use and features a large backlit LCD.

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[62214] Yongnuo YN622-TX Flash Controller for YN622 & YN685 Flash (for Canon or Nikon)

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    This device is to be used with a Yongnuo YN622 transceiver or directly with a Yongnuo YN685 speedlight. It will not operate on its own. 

    The Impressive Yongnuo YN622 System

    The Yongnuo YN622 system can be used to trigger compatible off-camera flash using both auto (TTL) and manual modes. In TTL mode the flash trigger will work with your camera's light metering system to automatically pre-determine the amount of flash output you need for any given photo. In manual mode, you can manually adjust the specific amount of flash output you need.  

    The YN622 HSS (high speed sync) feature allows you to use any shutter speed you want. You can go as fast as 1/8000th of a second (camera depending)! This is useful when working outdoors and you want to lower the exposure of the ambient light, or if you want to shoot with wide apertures (such as f/1.8 to f/4). Please note, that you'd need to use a compatible speedlight to make use of this feature. 

    The YN622-TX flash controller allows you to adjust the flash's settings directly from the device itself. You can adjust many flash features, such as the flash mode, flash exposure compensation, manual power settings, zoom of the flash, flash grouping and many more. The large LCD display makes it a lot easier to operate the YN-622-TX, especially at night. 

    The new "SuperSync" feature allows you to uses non-HSS flashes and studio strobes above the camera's indicated sync speed (normally around 1/250th of second).  In SuperSync mode, you can fine-tune the time when the flash triggers after the camera's shutter has been pressed. The specific time is dependant on the camera and flash.  The result is a cleaner frame without the camera's shutter showing in the image. 

    Product Features:

    • Compatible with YN-622 I/II flash transceivers (not included)

    • Compatible with YN685 Speedlight

    • TTL Flash Trigger (fully compatible with camera's auto modes) 

    • Flash Mode Mixing (Separate TTL, Manual groups)

    • Individual 1/3rd stop Manual Power and FEC adjustments

    • Simple and quick user interface

    • High Speed Sync: up 1/8,000th sync speed 

    • Super Sync

    • USB port for firmware updates

    • Flash Grouping (A, B & C) 

    • Flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing, rear curtain sync.

    • Auto-focus assist beams

    • Up to 100m Range (2.4GHz)

    • Settings Saved Automatically

    • Shutter Release

    Compatible Flashes & Cameras:

    Please phone us to confirm if you're camera and flashes are compatible. 

    Product Includes:

    • YN622-TX

    • Product Manual

    • Shutter Release Cables

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