[70661] Godox Folding Softbox with Grid | 120cm Octabox | SB-GUE120 | Bowens Speedring

With its innovative umbrella-like folding design, this Godox Folding Octabox Softbox is convenient and super-easy to use in both a studio and on location. This time-saving light-shaper is a must-have for photographers/videographers who need to travel a lot and set up their gear in a fast time. This softbox is also great for those with smaller studio spaces. When not in use, this softbox can easily be folded and packed away for future use; saving you space in your studio. Featuring an interchangeable Bowens S-type speedring (can be swapped for Elinchrom, please contact us for more information).  Furthermore, this softbox includes a detachable Velcro grid that can be used to prevent light spillage. 

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What is a Softbox?

A softbox is a light modifier that can be used with a speedlight, monolights, or some LEDs (with a Bowens Mount). A softbox diffuses light into a softer, flattering quality of light. When used correctly, it can emulate window light. A softbox is also designed to reduce hard and edgy shadows. Additionally, a softbox creates a directional quality of light; giving you better control of your light with minimal light spillage. 

Please note: if you need to use this softbox with a speedlight, a speedlight bracket is required. A speedlight bracket is not included with this product. 

Grid vs No Grid?

Some softboxes include a detachable grid. A grid, also referred to as a honeycomb attachment, is used to dramatically minimize any light spillage created by the softbox and to reduce the effective spread of light. So, if you want to create a smaller beam of light, or to keep the light off your background & foreground, then a grid will definitely come in handy. Grids also create stronger and bolder shadows on your subject; resulting in a more dramatic quality of light. 


  • Two layers of diffusion materials: Inner and outer baffles; designed to minimize a "hot spot" effect
  • Removable grid with velcro attachment. 
  • The grid is used to increase the focus of the light and to minimize light spillage
  • Silver interior; design to maintain colour temperature accuracy, creates an evenly distributed light
  • Bowens S-type speedring (can be swapped for Elinchrom, please contact us for more information)  
  • Includes a carry sleeve

Product Includes:

  • Inner Diffuser
  • Outer Diffuser 
  • Sofbox Nylon Fabric
  • Skeleton (fabric stretches over the skeleton) 
  • Bowens Speedring
  • Detachable Grid
  • Protector Sleeve
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