[74019] Lee Filters "ColourMagic Light Tint Pack" | Lighting Gel / Colour Filters | 12-Sheets

The Colour Magic Light Tints Pack features paler shades to give more subtle effects and to filter white light from the lamp. The pack includes 1 x sheet of each colour – 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12"), colours included are: 169, 063, 061, 213, 007, 103, 009, 162, 154, 035, 003, 255
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Lee Filters provide high-quality lighting filters in a vast range of colours that are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting, and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters. With more than 30 years as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of professional quality lighting filters for cinematography, LEE filters stringent quality control standards are guaranteed to suit the needs of location and studio photographers alike.

Included Gels:
Gels / Filter LEE Filters Code Quantity
Lilac Tint: A pale lavender. Good for almost white light with a cool tint 169 1
Pale Blue: Cool front light wash, good for creating an overcast look for cold weather 063 1
Mist Blue: A cool wash good for night scenes 061 1
White Flame Green: Corrects white flame carbon arcs by absorbing ultra violet 213 1
Pale Yellow: Sunlight 007 1
Straw: Pale sunlight through a window and a good warm winter effect 103 1
Pale Amber Gold: Perfect warm front light for any skin tone 009 1
Bastard Amber: A warm/white wash. Good lamplight effect 162 1
Pale Rose: A pleasing effect for theatrical lighting. A good lamplight effect  154 1
Light Pink: A warm wash good for musical reviews  035 1
Lavender Tint: Subtle cool wash for stage and studio lighting 003 1
Hollywood frost – A light frost effect that softens edges 255 1

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