[74107] Hylow Conical Optical Snoot S-200 with Canon EF Lens Mount (Lens Not Included)

An optical snoot is used to control and shape light in various ways. This particular optical snoot can be used with a metal insert (or "gobo", short for go-between optics) that is used to project an image onto a surface. The optical snoot features a heat-resistant inner lens but an additional lens, in particular, a Canon EF-mount lens, needs to be added to create focusable projections. Featuring a heat-resistant aluminium alloy body, the Hylow-S200 can be used with strobes and LEDs. 

Please note that a lens is not included. This optical snoot is compatible with any Canon EF-mount (EOS) lens or this lens

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• High-temperature resistant body and inner-lens. It can be used with up to 2,400W flashes and 600W LEDs.
• Because of its long body, this optical snoot can be used with strobes with halogen modelling lamps.
• Uses the Canon EOS EF-mount. The larger the aperture, the higher the brightness. A lens is not included in the package
• By adjusting the lens, you can sharpen or soften the edge of the image at a much wider distance range.
• Widely-used Bowens accessory mount.
• The Gobo clip has a magnetic design, which makes it easy to place it in or remove it from the optical snoot. The Gobo clip has a circular-shaped design, which makes it extra convenient for photographers to flexibly change the direction of the Gobo pattern.
• Includes four colour filters, a gobo clip holder and six stainless steel gobos
• Features heat dissipation vents 
Optical snoot will get hot after extended use. Please, handle the snoot with caution.


 Material: Aluminium alloy
 Mount: Bowens S-Type
 Lens Mount: Canon EF EOS Mount
 Dimensions: 12x20x12cm
 Weight: 360g
• Model: S-200

Package Includes:

•  Optical Snoot (no lens included)
•  4 x Colour Filters
•  6 x Stainless Steel Gobos
•  1 x Gobo Clip Holder
A lens is not included in the package
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