[74150] Godox ML60Bi Bi-Color LED Light

Super compact, yet mighty bright, the Godox ML60 BI is similar to the ML60 but features bi-coloured, variable colour temperature. The ML60BI measures just 14.5x8.9x8.9cm and features a variety of useful functions. The adjustable colour temperature ranges from 2,800K to 6,500K, which allows you to blend the colour of the ML60 with that of the ambient light. Additionally, high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97 respectively, ensure accurate colour rendition. 

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Adjustable colour temperature of 2800~6500K
High CRI and TLCI ratings of 97 and 96
Compact size: 14.5x8.9x8.9cm
Dimmable range of 0% to 100%
Seven FX modes; including paparazzi, TV, broken bulb, lightning, and more
Silent mode: A switch of a button eliminates fan noise for quiet video production
Power options: Use a power cable that plugs into a wall socket or the included AC adapter that uses 2 x NPF batteries (batteries not included)
Can be used handheld. Included is a removable handle
Features an umbrella socket for umbrellas and umbrella-like modifiers
Accessory mount: Godox Speedring Mount (to use the ML60BI with Bowens mount accessories, the Godox S2 Speedlight Bracket is required (not included)
Includes is a carry case for easy storage and transport
Compatible with the Godox APP
Remote control is not included
More information here: http://www.godox.com/EN/Products_Continuous_Bi-Color_LED_Video_Light_ML60Bi.html


10,100 LUX at 1m 
Colour temperature: 2800 to 6500K +/- 200K
Colour accuracy standard: CRI 96 | TLCI 97
Cooling system: Fan
Dimmable range: 0 ~100%
DC power input: 16.8VDC at 4.2A
AC power input: 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Remote operation: Bluetooth, Wifi
Power: Max 60w
Channels and groups: 32 Channels, 16 Groups 
Weight: 0.77kg, not including the grip and batteries
Size: 14.5x8.9x8.9cm
Accessory mount: Godox Speedring

What's included?

1 x Light Body
1 x Grip
1 x Battery Box BC60
1 x Adapter
1 x Reflector Dish
1 x Lamp Cover
1 x AC Power Cable 5m
1 x DC Power Cable 1.5m
1 x DC Power Cable 0.5m
1 x Adapter Holder
1 x Carrying Case
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