[79459] Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Canon Speedlite / Flash

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The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT-II is one of Yongnuo's most professional speedlites available. It is fully compatible with Canon's ST-E3-RT & Yongnuo YN-E3-RT e-TTL flash triggers.  Besides that, it is abundant with most advanced and modern features such as off-camera TTL (camera dependent), high speed sync (HSS), wide power & zoom range and e-TTL-II auto mode. All this in a robust and highly durable body. The newest upgrades now include on-camera master-mode to control additional YN600 and Canon 600EX flashes. The recycle time has been improved as well. 

Unfortunately, this flash  is not compatible with the Canon 2000D, 4000D, and 250D.  Please consider our range of Godox flashes and Xpro/X1T/X2T flash triggers if you have any of those cameras

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Key Features: 

- High guide number - 58
- Compatible with Canon's ST-E3-RT & Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Flash Triggers
- Large LCD display
- Improved ergonomics 
- Master Wireless TTL - Fully compatible with Canon TTL infrared optic systems
- Manual Mode (1/1 to 1/128th with 1/3rd stop fine-tuning)
- High Speed Sync - Use shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second
- Auto Zoom - Range of 24 ~ 200mm
- Rotating and Tiling Head
- Auto-Focus Assist Beams
Read bottom descriptions for more information

  • Full Features

Fully Compatible with Canon ST-E3-RT & Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Flash Trigger

  • TTL-Enabled

The Yongnuo is fully functional with Canon's e-TTL  system. TTL is an automated system in which the camera determines the correct flash output for any given shot.

  • Flash Exposure Compensation 

The Yongnuo has a EV range of +/- 5 stops and can be adjusted in 1/3rd stop increments/decrements.

  • Auto-Focus Assist Beams

The assist laser beams help the camera to focus in darkness. 

  • Wireless TTL

The Yongnuo is fully compatible with Nikon and Canon's wireless TTL optic system. This technology makes off-camera flash possible without the need for cables or radio controllers. The Yongnuo can be set in groups (A, B or C) and to its own unique channel. The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT can be used as a Master flash to trigger multiple flashes in this mode. 

This feature is only compatible with select cameras. Please see our compatibility guide to see if your camera can be used in this mode.

  • High Speed Sync (HSS)

Use the Yongnuo with shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second. Using HSS makes it possible to capture rapid motion, to shoot under broad daylight and to use wide apertures. Any flash without HSS capabilities is restricted to a camera's flash sync speed, which is normally only a 1/250th of a second.

  • Auto Zoom

The Yongnuo provides an auto zoom feature which can change the angle of illumination to match the focal length of your lens. The range is 24mm to 200mm on a full frame camera but the Yongnuo will automatically adjust the zoom for smaller frame cameras too. TTL Enabled

  • High flash output - Guide Number 58 (ISO100;105mm)

The Yongnuo has plenty of flash of output. In fact, it's pretty much on par with many OEM flagship models. Having plenty of flash power makes it ideal for off-camera flash at events, weddings, on-location or in studio.

  • Wide power range - (1/1 to 1/128th)

The Yongnuo has 8 levels of power adjustments with 29 levels of fine-tuning. The adjustments can be set in full stops, 1/3rd stops or 1/2th stops. This gives you ample control over the precise amount of flash you need.

  • Optical Slave Sensor

The Yongnuo can be triggered off-camera using another flash. The light sensitive sensor is located behind the red screen upfront the Yongnuo. The Yongnuo can also be set to ignore any TTL pre-flashes in S2 mode.

  • Multi-Mode

Multi mode fires a series of rapid flashes to produce a stroboscopic effect. It is often used to show different phases of movement in one photograph. The amount of flashes and frequency can be adjusted.

  • Overheat warning systems

The Yongnuo has a few nifty features to avoid any overheating problems. It automatically slows down the recycle time to allow the flash to cool down or it will switch off completely when the flash is starting to overheat.

  • External Firing Interface

The Yongnuo has a metal screw-in PC sync socket for standard PC sync cables.

  • External Power Source

The Yongnuo can be used with select external battery packs. Compatible models - Phottix 8-Battery Pack, JJC Battery Pack CP-E4 and Canon Battery Pack CP-E4.

  • Power Saving & Low Power Warning

The Yongnuo has a custom sleep mode which can be set on or off. A "Power Low" icon will display when the batteries are nearing depletion.

  • Fast refresh and firing rate

The Yongnuo has a recycle time of about 3 seconds on full power (with fully charged batteries). To increase the recycle time to about 1.2 seconds on full power an external battery pack is needed. The recycle is much faster using flash outputs of half power or less. The Yongnuo is also capable of firing at 8 frames per second using a flash output of under an 1/8th output.

  • Large LCD display

Large LCD display makes for clearer and easier viewing. The LCD backlight switches on every time a button is pressed on the flash. You don't need to switch a dedicated button on and off before making any adjustments. The duration of the backlight can be set in the Custom Functions.

  • Moveable flash head

The head of the Yongnuo can be tilted and rotated in many directions. Vertical - -7 ~ 90 degrees. Horizontal - 0 ~ 270 degrees. This makes bouncing flash off walls and ceiling possible and a lot simpler.

  • Sound Indicator

Sound prompts will warn against overheating and indicate when the flash has recycled. This feature can be switched on and off.



Specifications of the YN-600RT 
Please note - N/A = Not Available 
Flash Modes 
Multi (Strobostic)Yes 
Wireless Modes 
TTL MasterYes
TTL Optical SlaveYes; 3 Groups, 4 Channels
Built-in Radio ReceiverYes (Canon ST-E3-RT & YN-E3-RT)
Manual Optical SlaveYes (S1, S2 TTL cancellation)
Flash Output (Power) 
Guide Number58 (ISO100 ; 105m)
Output Range1/1 ~ 1/128th
Levels (Full Stops)8
Levels of Fine-Tuning29 (with 1/3rd or 1/2th increments)
Auto ZoomYes
Zoom Range24 ~ 200mm
Type4 X AA Batteries
External Battery Pack SocketYes
Recycle Time (on full power)<3 seconds
Longevity (# of flashes)150~1,500
Head Rotation 
Horizontal Angles0 ~ 270 degrees
Vertical Angles(-)7 ~ 90 degrees
High Speed Sync (HSS)Yes
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)Yes
FEC Range+/- 5 stops
Flash Exposure BracketingYes, 5 frames
Flash Exposure LockYes
Rear Curtain SyncYes
Modelling FlashYes
Auto Assist BeamsYes
Sound PromptsYes
Overheat WarningYes ; Thermal Cut-Off, Visual Warning
Custom FunctionsYes
Power SavingYes
Colour Temperature5,600K (+/- 200K)
Flash Speed1/200~1/20,000th
External InterfacePC Sync Socket, Screw-in
USB Plug-in (for updates)N/A
Distance ScaleN/A
Test Button (Pilot)Yes
Flash Add-Ons 
Bounce CardYes
Wide-Angle DiffuserYes
LCD PanelYes
BacklightYes (Orange)
BatteriesNot included
ChargerNot included
Foot StandIncluded
Build & Dimensions 
Net Weight (without batteries)350g
Net Weight (with batteries)450g
Hot Shoe TypeMetal

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