[86742] Reflector Bundle | C-Stand + 4-in-1 Reflector Kit

In this discounted bundle, you get 1 x C-Stand and 1 x 4-in-1 Reflector Kit. This chrome-plated and multi-adaptable Hylow C-Stand with Boom Arm is durable and long-lasting. Can be used with continuous lighting, flashes, monolights, and more. Includes a 100cm boom arm, 5cm grip head, and a "turtle base" that can be removed for easy storage and travel. 

Ideally used with the C-stand's Grip-Head, the reflector set features three reflective sides (white, silver, gold) and a black light-absorbing panel (or "flag"). Each reflective side is used to create different properties of reflective light. Included is a reversible slipcover that slides onto the steel frame. 

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[50668] Hylow Heavy-Duty C-Stand with Boom Arm (K-1)   + R3,739.99
[74090] Hylow 4-in-1 Reflector Set with Aluminium Frame for C-Stand | HL-M24-30 | 76x91cm   + R951.99

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[86742] Reflector Bundle | C-Stand + 4-in-1 Reflector Kit
[86742] Reflector Bundle | C-Stand + 4-in-1 Reflector Kit

In stock



    In this discounted bundle, you get:

    1 x Hylow K-1 C-Stand
    1 x Hylow 4-in-1 Reflector Kit HL-M24-30 76x91cm


    Material - Steel
    Height (extended) - 328cm
    Height (folded) - 145cm
    Weight - 10kg
    Footprint Diameter - 92cm
    Maximum Capacity: 8.5kg
    Reflector Kit: 
    Steel Frame
    Pin-Mount for C-Stand Bracket (Grip-Head) 
    Reversible Slip-Cover Features Reflective Sides
    3 x Reflective Sides (Silver, White, and Gold)
    1 x Black Light Absorbing Panel/Flag
    Slip-Cover Slide Onto Steel Cover
    Size: 76x91cm
    Silver Panel: Increased contrast & highlights on your subject. The silver side reflects the most light. Good to use with under-powered lighting.
    White Panel: Creates a softer and warmer quality of light in comparison to the silver. Provides a modest amount of reflection.
    Black Panel: Acts like a sponge to absorb light. Can be used on the opposite side of your key light to enhance the shadows on your subject. Can also be used to block stray light
    Gold Panel: Reflects a strong golden hue. Can be used to reflect a "sunrise/sunset" quality of light
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