[87745] PVC Vinyl Backdrop + Backdrop Stands Bundle | White (with Black Backing) | 1.37x3m


In this discounted bundle, you get a PVC backdrop (1.37x3m), 40mm aluminium crossbar, and two vertical stands. CameraStuff's range of PVC backdrops is the perfect white backdrop for beginners and pros alike. Unlike muslin and paper backdrops, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material can withstand the abuse of numerous photo shoots. The material is very easy to clean, too. Smudges and dirt marks can be easily removed using a damp mop/cloth and some cleaning agents. The unique matte finish reduces the appearance of sheen and reflections.

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In this discounted bundle, you get:

  • 1 x PVC Backdrop + 40mm Aluminium Crossbar (1.37x3m)
  • 2 x Vertical Stands
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  • • Crossbar is not sectional or telescopic. It is a solid aluminium piece
  • • Crossbar has ⌀15mm drilled holes on each end. This allows you to mount the PVC backdrop onto two light stands
  • • It is recommended to use two heavy-duty light stands as a support system. 
  • • Matte finish (to reduce gloss and shine) 
  • • Easy to clean surface
  • • Hard-wearing material designed to withstand the abuse of numerous photoshoots
  • • Wrinkle, warping, and crease-resistant.

Tips and Advice:

  Avoid pinching

Pinch and fold marks can be quite difficult to remove from a vinyl backdrop. To remove fold or pinch marks, use a hot gun or blow dryer. You can also unroll your PVC backdrop in the sun to remove lines and wrinkles. 

  Avoid shoes with rubbery dark soles

Dark soles are the kryptonite of PVC backdrops. Any scuff marks created by such shoes can be extremely tricky to remove -- if not impossible. To avoid scuff marks, ask people to remove their shoes before trodding onto the backdrop. If this is unavoidable, ask your models to stand on sheets of paper or a piece of white cloth. Otherwise, you can apply masking tape to the bottom of their shoes. If you do get black scuff marks on your backdrop, you can apply some Tipex or white paint to disguise it. 

  The black side is shiny

Most PVC backdrops do have a bit of glossy surface. As a result, any light spillage on your backdrop may create hotspots. This effect is far more apparent on the black side of the PVC. CameraStuff PVC backdrops are, however, designed with a matte finish on the white side to heavily reduce the appearance of gloss and shine. 

✓  Keep it in the studio

PVC backdrops are not the most portable backdrops going around. They are quite heavy and cannot be folded like a piece of cloth. When traveling with a PVC backdrop, chances are you may need to stick a portion of it through one of your car's windows (unless you have a bakkie or big SUV). If you need to travel around with a PVC backdrop, be sure not to clamp the roll in between your car's window and door frame. This will create a pinch mark and may be difficult to remove. Instead, use a towel or many layers of bubble wrap to protect your backdrop. 

  Use on a flat, hard surface

Use PVC backdrops on hard and even floors. If a PVC backdrop is laid on a soft floor, such as carpet flooring, it may get pinched as soon as people stand on it; especially when people wear high-heels. 

  The black side has visible textures

The black side of this PVC backdrop does show pronounced textures. When using a small aperture and a sharp lens, this texture may be visible in your photos. 
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