[88456] Godox Bundle: TT685-II TTL Flash + S2 Speedlight Bracket


In this discounted bundle, you get both a Godox TT685-II Flashgun and a Godox S2 Speedlight Bracket. New in the Godox flash stable, is the Godox AA-Battery Powered TT685-II Speedlight. Features a variety of new upgrades, such as a rotating quick-release lever, TCM Instant TTL Conversion Mode, USB-C Firmware Upgrade Port, Broader Head Tilting Range. Beyond the new upgrades, you still have all of the typical Godox features: The TT685-II is fully integrated into the Godox X-system. Furthermore, the flash has variable flash output, a broad zoom range, and a big Guide Number of GN60.

Please note, that batteries and a charger are not included. Flash modifiers, such as a softbox, umbrella, etc. are not included. Pictures are used for illustrative purposes only. 

Click on "Customize and Add to Cart" to choose between Canon, Nikon, Fuji or Sony. If a particular model isn't listed, then it's out of stock for the time being. 

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[70427] Godox S2 S-Type S-Bracket Speedlight Bracket | Bowens Mount   + R509.99

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[88456] Godox Bundle: TT685-II TTL Flash + S2 Speedlight Bracket
[88456] Godox Bundle: TT685-II TTL Flash + S2 Speedlight Bracket

In stock



    In this discounted bundle, you get: 

    1 x Godox TT685-II Flash (Choose correct model)
    1 x Godox S2 Speedlight Bracket

    TT685-II Flash Features:

    • AA-Battery Powered Flash (batteries and chargers are not included)
    • TCM Instant TTL Conversion Mode (Converts TTL to Manual Flash Output) 
    • Wireless Flash Control, Fully Integrated Godox X-System
    • High-Speed Sync Mode: up to 1/8000s Shutter Speed
    • Multi Flash Strobisting Mode: up to 100 Flashes at 199Hz
    • Manual Flash Mode with 22 Steps or Variable Flash Output (1/1 ~ 1/128th)
    • TTL Flash Mode for Auto Exposure
    • 2.6s Recycle Time on Full Power
    • Rotating and Tilting Flash Head
    • Quick Release Spinning Lever Lock
    • Power Port: Can be used with External Battery Pack
    • Wide Zoom Range
    • USB port for Firmware Upgrades

    Flash Specifications:

    • Model: TT685-II
    • Zoom Coverage 20~200mm (Auto and Manual zoom)
    • Guide Number: 60  @ 100 ISO / meter
    • Flash Duration: 1/300 s~ 1/20,000 s
    • Rotating and Tilting Head: 0 ~ 330 degrees (horizontally); -7 to 120 degrees (vertically)
    • Sync Modes: HSS (High-Speed Sync, up to 1/8000s), First and Read Curtain Sync
    • Multi Flash Strobostic Mode: up to 100 flashes, 199Hz
    • Flash Exposure Compensation: FEB ± 3 Stops, in 1/3rd Stop Increments
    • Flash Exposure Lock: FEL 
    • Flash Modes: E-TTLII and Manual
    • Power Range (Manual): 1/1 to 1/128, 22 steps of variable flash output
    • Wireless Flash Contol:  TX (Transmitter) and RX (Receiver) Modes, Optical Receiver Mode
    • Auto Focus Assist Beams 
    • Recycle Time: ± 2.6s on Full Power 
    • Power Source: Mi-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries or LR6 AA Batteries

    Godox S2 Speedlight Bracket Features

    • Bowens Accessory Mount, Fully Compatible with Bowens S-Type Lighting Shapers, Modifiers, Accessories
    • Adjustable, Rubber-Padded Vice-Grip Mount that Fits Most Speedlights, Including Round Head Flashes
    • More Portable than Previous Generation S1 Bracket
    • No Post or Pre Assembly Required
    • Speedlights Can Be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
    • Umbrella Input Hole 
    • 5/8" Stud Receiver, Compatible with Most Light Stands
    • Stepless, Smooth Tilt Adjustments

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