[88499] Newell Bundle | 1 x Newell Air Artha Bi-Colour Round LED + Light Stand

In this Newell Bundle, you get 1 x Newell Air Artha Round LED 35w + 1 x Light stand (choose size, costs may vary). The Newell Air Artha LED lamp is an excellent device for photographers and filmmakers who need an additional light source for various projects. The color temperature and power control make it easy to control the proper lighting of the scene, and the built-in diffuser allows to obtain the soft light desired by creators.

Newell products bought at CameraStuff include a 2-year local warranty

Batteries are not included. Pictures are used for illustrative purposes only. 

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[88499] Newell Bundle | 1 x Newell Air Artha Bi-Colour Round LED + Light Stand
[88499] Newell Bundle | 1 x Newell Air Artha Bi-Colour Round LED + Light Stand

In stock



    In this discounted bundle, you get: 

    1 x  Newell Air Artha Bi-Colour LED Light 35W + Power Supply
    1 x 190cm Light Stand (upgrade options available at extra costs) 
    Batteries are not included
    Upgrade options are available. When any of the above items are out of stock it will be replaced with the next upgrade option. Additional costs may apply

    Newell Air Artha has a built-in diffuser, so you get a pleasant, soft light, without the need for additional accessories. The light output and color temperature can be infinitely adjusted using the knobs and the built-in display and remote control make it easy to control parameters.

    Thoughtful design

    The design of the lamp allows it to be mounted on a lighting tripod using a built-in holder. The design also allows for adjustment of the angle of inclination of the panel plane.

    Power supply possibilities

    The Newell Air Artha lamp can be powered in two ways. The first is the use of popular batteries from the NP-F series available in the Newell offer (available separately). The indicator on the display helps to assess the charge status of the cells. The second solution is the DC 15 V AC adapter, which is included in the package.

    Many years of experience

    The Newell brand has been present on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied customers both among professionals and amateurs of photography.


    – CRI ratio: >95
    – lux: 1000 (per 1 m)
    – maximum power: 35 W
    – color temperature: 3200/5600 K
    – power supply: NP-F series battery (not included) or 15V DC adapter (included)
    – type of cooling: natural ventilation
    – dimensions (mm): 407 x 407 x 10 mm
    – weight: 1637 g (without batteries)

    Set contents

    – LED lamp Newell Air Artha
    – 15 V DC power supply
    – cover
    – remote control
    – light stand

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