[88387] Paper Backdrop + Backdrop Stands Bundle | 2.75x11m | Choose Colour

In this discounted bundle, you get a paper 2.75x11m backdrop, clamps, and a backdrop stand. This kit includes Hylow's backdrop stand that's both durable and lightweight. The backdrop has an adjustable length (up to 2.8m) and width (up to 3.2m). You can choose which colour backdrop you'd like to purchase. You can choose which of the available colours you want to include in this bundle. You can add additional backdrops at the same discounted rates. The clamps are included to prevent the backdrop from unrolling itself. 

Please note: This kit's contents may vary depending on current stock levels. Please click on "Customise and Add to Cart" to select which backdrop(s) you need. The bundle's price will automatically adjust depending on the selected items.  

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Customize [88387] Paper Backdrop + Backdrop Stands Bundle | 2.75x11m | Choose Colour
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[88387] Paper Backdrop + Backdrop Stands Bundle | 2.75x11m | Choose Colour
[88387] Paper Backdrop + Backdrop Stands Bundle | 2.75x11m | Choose Colour

In stock


    In this discounted bundle, you get:
    •  1 x Paper Backdrop (2.72x11m) (choose colour) 
    •  1 x Backdrop Stand (two vertical stands, crossbar, and bag)
    •  2 x Pony Spring Clamps
    Backdrop Stand
    •  Adjustable Length (up to 2.8m)
    •  Adjustable Width (up to 3.2)
    •  4-sectional Crossbar
    •  Carry Bag Included
    •  Minimum Height: 1.25m 
    •  Gross Weight: 5.8kg
    •  Material: Steel w/ plastic adjusters 
    Paper Backdrop (each) 
    •  Size: 2.75m x 11m
    •  Carton core tube: Ø50mm 
    •  Material: Fine-toothed paper
    •  Creaseless/wrinkle-free
    •  Non-reflective
    •  Non-fading colours
    •  Paper density: 141 GSM
    •  Weight: 6kg
    •  Due to the possibility of uncalibrated monitors and other factors, the colour of this backdrop may vary slightly.
    Colour References
    If a specific colour that you want is not listed at CameraStuff, please contact us and we'll make sure to include the colour in future orders. Please note, that our order cycle has a 2-4 month lead time
    Tips and Advice:
      Clamp the roll
    To prevent a paper backdrop from unwinding itself uncontrollably, use a couple of Pony Spring Clamps (included) on the ends of the backdrop roll.

      Tape the ends
    Paper backdrops have a bit of a tendency to curl at the end. To prevent any rollback, use some gaffer tape to secure the end of the backdrop to the floor. If you don't have tape, use a couple of heavy objects on the corners of the backdrop. 
      Store vertically
    If a paper backdrop is stored horizontally or left hanging on its support system for too long then it may get damaged or misshaped. The weight of the paper backdrop may compress onto itself and create waves in the material. 
      Use on hard, even flooring
    Use paper backdrops on hard and even floors. If a paper backdrop is laid on a soft floor, such as carpet flooring, it may get crinkled or torn as soon as people stand on it. 
    ✓  Erase those marks
    For light smudges and dirt marks on your backdrop, you can use a latex-free pencil eraser to remove them. 
      Wipe those shoes
    To increase the longevity of your paper backdrops, ask everyone to clean their shoes or to remove them before trodding onto it. 

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