[88978] Godox Bundle | Godox LR150 Bi-Colour LED Ring Light + Godox Light Stand


In this discounted bundle, you get one Godox LR150 Ring Light and one Godox Light Stand. Ring lights are popular lighting solutions for vlogging, portraits, streaming, online live chats, Youtube content, and more. The ring-shaped light provides a near shadowless light with an attractive donut-shaped catchlight. The Godox LR150 features an adjustable colour temperature and light intensity, giving you options as to how you want to light your subject. The light is quick to set up and the controls are easy to use. Included is a flexible smartphone holder. Additionally, a USB port allows you to charge your phone when using it. 

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In this discounted bundle, you get: 
1 x Godox LR150 Ring Light
1 x Godox Light Stand 
Adjustable Colour Temperature: 3,000L to 6,000K 
Dimmable Light: 0% to 100%
The ring light provides nearly shadowless illumination
Creates circular catchlight
Ideal for vlogging, Youtube, social media live chats, streaming, and more. 
Easy to set-up, easy to use. 
Model: LR150
DC Power Supply: 24V/2A
USB Power Supply: 5V/2A
Power: Approx. 38w
Colour Temperature: 3,000K to 6,000K Adjustable
100% Brightness (Lux): 1,400 at 0.5m
CRI: >90
TLCI: >90
Number of LED Beads: 336
Operating Temperature: -10 to 40C
Weight: 880g
Package Includes: 
LR150 LED Ring Light
Flexible Phone Holder
Power Cable
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