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The Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro Pocket Flashes The Godox X1-T vs. X2-T vs. Xpro Flash Triggers
Good news! The popular Godox AD200 Pocket Flash has received a recent upgrade. Read More Brand new to the Godox family of X-System triggers; the Godox X2-T Flash Trigger. Read More
September 09, 2019 |  By Conrad Knuist  September 12, 2019 |  By Conrad Knuist 

Choosing a Backdrop: Paper vs. PVC vs. Cotton Choosing a Speedlight: Flash Comparison Guide
We've got a big selection of backdrops to choose from. Let's help you pick the best one for you. Read more Need help to decide what flash to buy? Check out our handy comparisons guide. Read More
May 12, 2019 |  By Conrad Knuist  April 02, 2019 |  By Conrad Knuist