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Earn 10% commission! It's easy! 

• Join the CameraStuff Affiliate program and earn 10% on referred sales.
• When people follow a link that you’ve shared and buy something, you earn a commission. It’s that simple.
• There is no tier system; earn 10% commission, straight off the bat, from day 1. 

It’s easy to do. And it’s open to everyone.

• Turn your influence into Ka-Ching
• Monetize your knowledge, experience, and followers
• It will take a few minutes to register at
• Create content on your own website*, blog, or get busy on social media.
• Include website links** to CameraStuff products and start earning money.
• Terms and conditions can be viewed when you register

Here are some "Click and Sale" generation ideas:

•  Generate fun, interesting and helpful content on your own website or blog. 
•  Create fun, useful, and interesting posts on your social media platforms.
•  Create YouTube and other videos - and link to CameraStuff in the descriptions.
•  When browsing your social media feeds, and you see people asking questions about photography and photography products, offer some help and refer CameraStuff and our products.
•  Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your shoots, where you’ve used products we sell, and link to those products on our website.
•  Do unboxings or reviews of CameraStuff gear and post links to these products on our website.
•  Create educational content where CameraStuff products could be used and link to those products on our website.
•  Host online live sessions - give us a shout if you need one of the CameraStuff team to join you in your sessions.
•  Make use of our gear loans*** to test out and create content about new products.

Live Chat Discussing the Affiliate Program:

How to make Product Deeplinks:

•  Links to specific products work better than links to our homepage. The easier you make it for people to find the product they want to buy, the better for your commissions.
•  Regarding the use of affiliate links, make use that you adhere to the standards/rules of whichever platform you are using.
•  We’d prefer if clients know where a link is leading them to. When posting an affiliate link on whichever platform, please state that it’s an affiliate link or use this hashtag #affiliatelink, especially when using a weblink shortener eg. “Shop for this product online -> /affiliatecode (affiliate link)  #affiliatelink”.
•  We reserve the right to discontinue anyone’s account with immediate effect if we see fit to do so.

* Make sure your website (aka DirectLinks) is set up in your affiliate panel.

** Use links to the CameraStuff website including your referral ID - you can find this in your affiliate dashboard
If you need help with your affiliate links or ensuring your DirectLinks is set up, we can help. - shout if you need help doing this.

*** Be active for 90 days on our affiliate program and then you qualify to start getting gear loans, or using our studio and gear to create affiliate content. Terms and conditions apply to our loans. Please ask for more details