Godox X1-T vs. X2-T vs. XPro Flash Triggers

The X2-T X-System 2.4GHz Flash Trigger

Brand new to the Godox family of X-System triggers; the Godox X2-T Flash Trigger. New upgrades include an overall improvement in regards to usability. The control dial has been relocated to make way for a larger screen and dedicated group buttons have been added to the top of the device. In addition, Godox has included Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to control your flashes via a smartphone or tablet. See what else is new about the Godox X2 below. 

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Godox X2-T Upgrades vs. X1-T 

  • Improved User-Interface
  • Dedicated Group Buttons
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (connect X2 to tablet or smartphone) (download GodoxPhoto app)
  • Twist-Lock Hoe Locking Mechanism
  • Relocated Control-Wheel 
  • USB-C Firmware Port
  • 1/10th-Stop Flash Adjustments

Comparison Chart: 

Model Godox X1-T  Godox X2-T Godox Xpro
Godox X-System 2.4G
Manual Mode 
Multi-Flash Mode
Rear-Curtain Sync X
High-Speed Sync 
Flash Output Increments 1/3rd Stop 1/10th Stop 1/10th Stop
Minimum Flash Output 1/256th 1/256th 1/256th
Flash Grouping Up to 5 Groups Up to 5 Groups Up to 16 Groups
Dedicated Group Buttons X
Adjustable Zoom Control
On-Board Hot Shoe X
Sync Port  2.5mm 3.5mm 2.5mm
Firmware Port Micro-USB USB-C USB-C
Backlit Screen 
Backlit Buttons X X
Flash Exposure Compensation
Flash Exposure Lock
Transmission Range (approx.) 0~100 meters 0~100 meters 0~100 meters
Wireless Shutter Release* 
TCM (Converts TTL to M)  X X
Bluetooth Connectivity  X X
Channels / ID 32 /  X 32 / 0-99 32 / 0-99
AF-Assist Light 
Power Supply  2 x AA Batteries 2 x AA Batteries 2 x AA Batteries
Dimensions / Weight 72x75x52mm / 100g 72x70x58mm / 90g 90x58x50mm / 80g

*To be used in conjunction with a X1R receiver connected to the camera

Using the Godox X2T Flash Trigger

Using the Godox Xpro Flash Trigger