Godox AD200 vs. Godox AD200 PRO

Good news! The popular Godox AD200 Pocket Flash has received a recent upgrade. The most noteworthy upgrade is that of a "Stable Colour Temperature" mode. In this mode, the Godox AD200 PRO increases its colour consistency within a margin of +/- 100K° across the entire power range. Other noteworthy upgrades include a brand new umbrella bracket design, improved rear panel, and 1/10th-stop increments in flash output. 

We're also happy to report that all of the Godox AD200 accessories, such as the H200R Round-Head, WB-29 Li-Ion Battery, S-Bracket, and AD-B2 Twin-Head, are also compatible with the Godox AD200 PRO as well. See all Godox AD200 / AD200 PRO accessories.

You can buy both the Godox AD200 and AD200 PRO right here at CameraStuff. 

Godox AD200 PRO New Features: 

 9-Stop Power Range (1/256 – 1/1)
 1/10th-Stop Increments in Adjustable Output 

 Stable Colour Temperature Mode ( +/- 100K° Across Entire Power Range)
Slightly Faster Recycle Time (Up to 1.8 Seconds in Full Power) 
 USB-C Port for Firmware Updates

 Slightly Recessed Control Panel with Added Bumper (for added protection) 
 Added Buttons to Control Panel for Easier Navigation
 Improved Metal Flash Holder with Stepless Angle Adjuster
 Revised ON | OFF Switch 
 Anti-Twist Screw Mount 

Comparing AD200 vs. AD200 PRO

 Godox AD200 Pocket Flash  Godox AD200 Pro Pocket Flash

8-Stop Power Range (1/128 – 1/1)
• 1/3rd-Stop Increments in Adjustable Output

Recycle Time: +/- 0.01 ~ 2.10 seconds
 Plastic Flash & Umbrella Holder

 No Stable Colour Temperature
Fewer Buttons on Control Panel
 Micro-USB Port for Firmware Updates
 Dimensions: 168x75x50mm*
 Weight: 560g**

 9-Stop Power Range (1/256 – 1/1)
• 1/10th-Stop Increments in Adjustable Output
Recycle Time: +/- 0.01 ~ 1.80 seconds
• Metal Flash & Umbrella Holder
Stable Colour Temperature Mode
More Buttons on Control Panel
USB-C Power for Firmware Updates
 Dimensions: 172x75x54mm*
 Weight: 590g**

* Flash head not included
** Battery and flash head not included

The size difference between the AD200 and AD200 PRO (excludes flash head):

Rear control panel differences between AD200 and AD200 PRO:

The differences between the AD200 umbrella bracket vs. AD200 PRO umbrella bracket:

Anti-twist design of the AD200 umbrella bracket and 1/4" screw mount:

Common features of the Godox AD200 and AD200 PRO:

Power  200w
Guide Number (ISO100/M) Fresnel Speedlight Head: 52 (35mm);
Bare Bulb: 60 (28mm)
Flash Duration 1/1220 ~ 1/13,000
Flash Modes TTL, Manual, Multi
TTL Compatible Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic
Sync Modes HSS, Rear-Curtain, First-Curtain
Modelling Lamp Yes
Optical Slave Flash S1; S2 (TTL Pre-Flash Cancellation) 
Power Supply  Li-Ion Battery Pack
Number of Flashes (Full Power) +/- 500
Recycle Time +/- 0.01 ~ 2.00 seconds
Wireless Transmission  2.4GHz, 100m Range, Group Functions