Haida Camerastuff Filters
Available at CameraStuff, Haida professional photography filters. We have a variety of  ND filters, C-PL filters, UV filters, and both 100mm & 150mm-series insert filters. Fall in love with landscape photography and enjoy high-end optical quality with Haida's range of superior filters. Shop online or visit our store in Randburg, Johannesburg. 

Round UV Filters & Clear Filters

UV filters are designed to reduce UV (ultra-violet) light from entering the camera's lens. UV light can increase the effects of atmospheric haze, especially in distant objects. Absorbing UV light with the use of UV filters can make images, especially landscape photos, appear sharper and more detailed. Clear Protection Filters, however, do not reduce the UV effect at all but are simply designed to protect the front of your lens against debris and dirt. 


Round Circular Polarizer (C-PL) Filters

Circular polarising (C-PL) filter is used to darken skies and to suppress light flare; allowing photographers to enhance the vividness and contrast of an image.  CPL filters are also used to manage reflections created by glossy objects and water.  By simply turning the C-PL you can select the amount of polarisation you need. 


Round Neutral Density Filters (ND Filters)

Neutral density filters reduce the exposure of your image, allowing you to use slower shutter speeds or wider apertures than normally necessary. As examples, you can create motion blur in running water (waterfalls, waves, streams, etc.) or in clouds by simply using an ND filter and extending your exposure time. 


100mm-Series Insert Filter System

This filter system uses either 100mm-wide square or rectangular filters. The advantage of a filter system like this is that you can easily stack a variety of filters such as an ND, CPL and a Graduated Filter etc. This system is compatible with any lens with a filter thread of 49mm up to 82mm. 


150mm-Series Insert Filter System

The larger 150mm Filter System is designed for ultra-wide angle lenses that have either a bulbous front or no filter thread. Just like the 100mm system, you can stack a variety of filters to create different effects.